Brook Scott

Precoce Attiguo


Data di nascita:Marzo 01, 1988

Paese:Great Britain

Colore degli occhi:Blue

Colore dei capelli:Black

Altezza:5'6" | 168cm

Taglia reggiseno:34DDD/E (US)| 75G (EU)

Vita:25 | 64

Fianchi:36 | 91

Numero di scarpe:6½ | 37

Ultimi Commenti
  • Not bad, the only thing that bother me is the tatoo


    2 anni fa

  • Lovely model, worth a view. I suppose she and others were not thinking about a career in modeling when they get their inking. It can't help them to get work.


    2 anni fa

  • please more


    5 anni fa

  • Wow a UK model with real boobs, a dying breed. Would like some regular glamour not just fetish.


    5 anni fa