The Prurient Private

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Viola aka Annabelle

Dicembre 30, 2013
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The Prurient Private

There are many reasons why women join the military. Some crave adventure...some are patriotic...some wanna show they can do whatever the guys do...others want the steady pay and to get an education...and others, as our scene with new face Viola aka Annabelle suggests today, enlist so they’ll have a chance to fuck themselves with shells, the kind that are blasted over to the enemy lines! Yes, that’s what this bodacious Latvian newbie does in her first appearance for us in this full HD video, sliding an ominous looking little black rocket between her 34D big natural boobs, right up against where her dog tags hang. Watch this prurient private as she licks her nipples, takes down her camouflage shorts, and spreads her thighs wide to display her pussy and asshole. Then she gets down with the aforementioned shell, initially sucking it and then cramming into her clam in this unique example of big tits porn. Afterward she wets her nipples with water from her canteen to cool off from her climax. We’d say Viola’s in line for a promotion to TOPless sergeant!!

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