Vision Of Paradise!

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Gennaio 28, 2013
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Vision Of Paradise!

Since probably the eighteenth century, the best advertisements have featured women. It’s the nature of the human animal, both guys and gals, to respond to attractive females used as a sales tool. Now, if the sauna that Vanessa likes to hang out in ever decided to put her in their ads, for example using some images from her new scene today, well, we’re sure they’d have a long waiting list for new memberships! The word “mouthwatering” hardly begins to describe how this Polish goddess looks here, as she lounges around in the heat in total nudity, her 34DD-30-41 body positively Venus-like in its classic curves and enticing sexiness. Whether she’s licking her nipples, or laying on her back so her knockers slide across her torso, or playing with her pussy either with her fingers or by inserting the wooden sauna ladel into her hole, Vanessa is a breast man’s vision of paradise! She has warm inviting green eyes that pull us into her scene, making us want to touch her boobs from the side, or to lay underneath them while she rides our cocks to bursts of satisfaction deep inside her pie. Whether she’s leaning over to let her bells swing, pressing her fists into the soft yielding fullness of her glands, or standing high over us with those perfect fleshy spheres pushed up and out between her arms, Vanessa has got us completely in her booblicious power!!

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